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Blog | Kim Garling to present about WIRO innovation as keynote speaker at global IAIABC Conference

Workers Compensation Independent Review Officer, Kim Garling, will present in Atlanta, Georgia as the keynote speaker at the 2018 IAIABC Forum in April on the innovation at WIRO.

This convention is one of the most notable of its type in North America, bringing together more workers compensation jurisdictional agency leaders than any other such event, and reaching an international audience - last year, representatives came from 50 US and international jurisdictions including ASEAN nations.

This brought together all aspects of the industry, including regulators, medical directors, insurers, attorneys, and administrative law judges, amongst others. Head of the Independent Legal Assistance Review Scheme (ILARS), Roshana May, will be accompanying Kim to Atlanta

WIRO’s efforts to innovate and create forward momentum towards positive change in the Australian insurance industry have been consistent since its inception, with Kim’s commitment to a completely digital workplace.

WIRO’s formation of the unique ‘Solutions Group’, whose process has resulted in extremely high success rates in dispute resolution, similarly displays a dedication to innovation and creative problem-solving.

Kim’s speech stands, furthermore, as testament to WIRO’s investment in the future of work, a future all-too-rapidly becoming a new present.

The workers compensation industry must adjust to the realities of the gig economy, and, recognising this, efforts have been made to partner WIRO with the Spark Festival, a program for for the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Australia, and work with Spark to organise events like the Policy Hack for Jobs, bringing together leaders from business sectors and the startup ecosystem to promote change and a preparation for the effects of automation and AI on the workforce.