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IRO Sydney Seminar 2021 | Wrap Up

The Sydney Seminar is the ninth event since the Office’s inception (in 2012) and the first IRO hosted event. This year:

  • almost 200 delegates attended the event in person at the UTS Aerial Conference Centre.
  • Over 300 delegates accessed the Seminar on-line via live stream. 

The event program for the 2021 Seminar is available here.


You can view the video of the IRO Sydney Seminar 2021 here.

Presentations and papers

You can find the presentations and papers delivered by some of the speakers at the IRO Sydney Seminar 2021 here:


The IRO Sydney Seminar was facilitated by an event app.

Step 1: Download the app, Ignite Event Launcher

Web App:

Step 2: Enter event access code:

Step 3: Access information about the seminar including speaker bios, presentations, videos and the seminar survey.