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Newcastle Seminar | May 2018

The WIRO Regional Seminar was held in Newcastle on 25 May 2018. You can access the presentations delivered by WIRO's experts in the table below.

Topic Speaker Resources
Keynote Speech Clayton Barr MP, Member for Cessnock | Shadow Minister for Finance, Services and Property n/a
Update on 2018 Reforms Kim Garling, WIRO Slides
The Section 39 Experience: The iCare Perspective Greg Larkin, Manager, iCare
(delivered by Roshana May in his absence)
The Section 39 Experience: The way ahead Roshana May, Director ILARS Slides
The Section 39/59A Impact Roshana May, Director ILARS Slides
Solutions Group: the Insurer Responses Jeffrey Gabriel, Director Solutions Slides
Recent Court Decisions Michael Vella, Manager ILARS Slides
Performance Statistics: Insurers Phil Jedlin, Director Operations Slides
Recent Commission Decisions Ashley Payne, Principal Lawyer ILARS Slides
Emerging Issues Roshana May, Director ILARS
Kim Garling, WIRO