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IRO Direction 2020-22 and Values

WIRO Direction 2020-22

The role of the Workers Compensation Independent Review Officer (WIRO) has been re-established as the Independent Review Officer (IRO) from 1 March 2021 under the Personal Injuries Commission Act 2020 (PICA).

The Office of the IRO (OIRO) is a separate Public Sector agency, the IRO’s jurisdiction is to be expanded to deal with complaints from persons injured in motor vehicle accidents and the Independent Legal Assistance and Review Service (ILARS) is to become a legislated IRO function.

The WIRO Direction 2020-22 encompasses these reforms, and sets out the Mission, Priorities and underlying Strategies for transformation and improvement for the Independent Review Officer over the 2 years until December 2022.

IRO will report on progress against the Direction 2020-22 in future Annual Report.

IRO Values

IRO Values are the values of the NSW public sector. These values are: integrity, trust, service and accountability. You can read more about these values at NSW Public Service Commission.

In addition to these public sector values IRO has developed its own specific values which represent our staff and what the IRO office stands for.

IRO Values are:

  • independence - we are impartial, fair and just
  • innovation - we find new and better ways of solving problems
  • respect – we are generous, polite and honest
  • collaboration – we work together harmoniously and focus on building unity
  • accessibility – we encourage direct contact by stakeholders