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Apply to Become an Approved Lawyer

A Lawyer may apply to the IRO to become an IRO Approved Lawyer.

Approved Lawyers are able to apply to the IRO for grants of funding to enable injured eligible workers to obtain advice, assistance and representation with respect to their entitlements to workers compensation benefits provided under the workers compensation legislation.


To become an Approved Lawyer, a lawyer must:

  • be admitted as an Australian legal practitioner and certified to practice as a solicitor for a period of at least 12 months, and
  • demonstrate general competence and diligence, knowledge, skill and familiarity with NSW workers compensation law and practice.

In addition, a lawyer must satisfy a number of general criteria relating to their experience.

Lawyers must also agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in the Application and Agreement to be an IRO Approved Lawyer, including compliance with the IRO’s Guidelines, Practice Standards and administrative requirements.

Lawyers are referred to the Guidelines for approval as an IRO Approved Lawyer which set out the eligibility criteria and information on the effect of approval and continuing eligibility. The Guidelines also include details on the termination of approval as an IRO Approved Lawyer.

To apply to become an Approved Lawyer

If you wish to become an Approved Lawyer, download the Application and Agreement below. Fill out the form and sign, then scan and send the form to

You will be advised of the outcome of your application within 5 working days. 

Change of details

If any of your details change, and particularly if you change firms, you should let the IRO know as soon as possible to ensure any grants of funding are appropriately managed and your details can be updated on our database.

Notifications of details changes should be submitted via the Update Lawyer Details form.