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Listed below are Barristers who are approved by the IRO to represent injured workers in proceedings in the Personal Injury Commission.

Name Chambers
Mr Dewashish Adhikary Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr Gallimore Alexander Rees Newcastle Chambers
Ms Evangeline Arulrajah Sir Anthony Mason Chambers
Mr Fergus Austin Henry George Chambers
Mr Tony Baker Second Floor Wentworth Chambers
Ms Kavita Balendra 4 Wentworth Chambers
Mr David Baran Jack Shand Chambers
Mr Peter Barber Peter Campbell Barber, Barrister
Mr Paul Barnes Barrister
Mr Alexander Barnett Nine Wentworth Chambers
Mr Maurice Baroni Denman Chambers
Mr Christopher Barry Barrister (Q.C.), Selbourne Chambers
Mr Graham Barter Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr Phillip Bates Sir Anthony Mason Chambers
Mr Jared Bennett 3rd Floor Wentworth Chambers
Mr Dennis Benson William Deane Chambers
Mr Joshua Beran Garfield Barwick Chambers
Mr Marcus Bleasel Barrister
Mr Necovski Borce (Boris) Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr Mark Boulton 5 Wentworth Chambers
Mr Larry Brazel Barrister
Mr Sean Brennan Frederick Jordan Chambers
Mr Dooley SC Brian 4 Wentworth Chambers
Mr Ryan Brown Sir Owen Dixon Chambers
Mr Calvin Callaway Edmund Barton Chambers
Mr Andrew Campbell State Chambers
Ms Michelle Campbell Frederick Jordan Chambers
Mr Adrian Canceri Sir Anthony Mason Chambers
Mr William Carney Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr Martin Claridge Martin Joseph Claridge, Barrister
Mr Mark Cleary Jack Shand Chambers
Ms Philippa Clingan Fourth Floor Wentworth Chambers
Mr Andrew Combe Wentworth Chambers
Ms Nicole Compton Sir James Martin Chambers
Mr Allan Cooley Denman Chambers
Mr Michael Crimmins Barrister
Mr Francis Curran Wentworth Chambers
Mr Mark Daley Frederick Jordan Chambers
Ms Ella Dalrymple Denman Chambers
Mr Mark Davies Elizabeth Street Chambers
Mr Philip Davies Newcastle Chambers
Mr Andrew Davis Sir James Martin Chambers
Mr John Davis Barrister
Mr John de Greenlaw Ada Evans Chambers
Mr Rohan De Meyrick Selbourne Chambers
Mr Dean Del Monte Jack Shand Chambers
Mr Richard Di Michiel Garfield Barwick Chambers
Mr Alexander Djurdjevic 3rd Floor Wentworth Chambers
Mr Fraser Doak Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr Christopher Dobbs Denman Chambers