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Listed below are Barristers who are approved by the IRO to represent injured workers in proceedings in the Personal Injury Commission.

Name Chambers
Mr Matthew Brownell Eirth Jack Shand Chambers
Ms Belinda Epstein Hunter Street Chambers
Mr Dennis Epstein Barrister
Mr Stephen Flett State Chambers
Mr Miles Foran 13th Floor St James Hall
Mr Geoffrey Foster Frederick Jordan Chambers
Ms Michele Fraser Frederick Jordan Chambers
Mr John Gaitanis Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr Peter Godkin Elizabeth Street Chambers
Ms Carolyn Goodman Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr Ross Goodridge Barrister
Mr Geoffrey Graham William Deane Chambers
Mr Stuart Grant William Deane Chambers
Mr Simon Grey Maurice Byers Chambers
Mr Tom Grimes Garfield Barwick Chambers
Ms Eraine Grotte Jack Shand Chambers
Ms Gina Guirgis Jack Shand Chambers
Mr Jason Hale Hunter Street Chambers
Mr Howard Halligan Barrister
Mr Joseph Hallion Edmund Barton Chambers
Mr Misha Hammond 4 Wentworth Chambers
Mr Ross Hanrahan Wardell Chambers
Mr Robert Harrington WD Chambers
Mr Jeremy Harrison Fourth Floor Wentworth Chambers
Mr Ben Hart Hargrave Chambers
Mr Christian Hart Barrister
Ms Parisa Hart Wentworth Chambers
Mr Paul Hedman Barrister
Mr Stephen Hickey William Deane Chambers
Mr Ty Hickey State Chambers
Ms Jennifer-Anne Hillier Sir James Martin Chambers
Ms Kayt Hogan Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr Gregory Horan Lachlan Macquarie Chambers
Mr Andrew Hourigan Garfield Barwick Chambers
Mr Simon Hunt Barrister
Mr Michael Inglis Blackburn Chambers
Mr Travis Jackson Seventh Floor Garfield Barwick Chambers
Mr Anthony Jamieson Barrister
Mr James Jobson Wentworth Chambers
Mr Adam Johnson Jack Shand Chambers
Mr Brendan Jones 9 Windeyer Chambers
Mr Thomas Jones Jack Shard Chambers
Mr Andrew Joseph Wardell Chambers
Mr Ivan Judd 4 Wentworth Chambers
Mr Vaughn Jurisich Garfield Barwick Chambers
Ms Denise Kaiti Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr John Keesing Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr Roland Keller Barrister
Mr David Keyte State Chambers
Mr Joseph Klarica Sixth Floor Windeyer Chambers