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Listed below are Barristers who are approved by the IRO to represent injured workers in proceedings in the Personal Injury Commission.

Name Chambers
Mr Talal Krayem Barrister
Ms Karen Kumar Maurice Byers Chambers
Mr Ian Latham Denman Chambers
Mr Gregory Levick Newcastle Chambers
Ms Ying Hao Li 7 Wentworth Selborne
Ms Kate Lloyd 4th Floor Wentworth Chambers
Mr Bill Loukas Sir James Martin Chambers
Ms Juliet Lucy 6 St James Hall Chambers
Mr Ryan Lynch Selborne Chambers
Mr Jarryd Malouf Greenway Chambers
Mr Paul Mansfield Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr Louise Mathias Elizabeth Street Chambers
Mr Michael McAuley Barrister at Law
Ms Sarah McCarthy PG Hely Chambers
Mr James McEnaney Sir Owen Dixon Chambers
Mr Simon McMahon Hunter Street Chambers
Mr Bruce McManamey Sir James Martin Chambers
Mr Timothy Meakes Barrister
Mr Paul Menary Jack Shand Chambers
Mr Christopher Micali Denman Chambers
Mr Derek Michael Minus Mediation & Arbitration Chambers
Ms Anna Mitchelmore Barrister
Mr Stuart Moffet Wentworth Chambers
Mr Luke Morgan Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr Peter Morris Ground Floor Wentworth Chambers
Mr John Mrsic Barrister
Mr Stefan Mueller Newcastle Chambers
Mr Craig Mulvey Barrister
Mr Marco Nesbeth Sir James Martin Chambers
Mr William Nicholson Barrister
Mr Gregory Niven Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr David O'Dowd Jack Shand Chambers
Mr Eamonn O'Neill Maurice Byers Chambers
Mr Bernard O'Sullivan Bernard O'Sullivan, Esq
Mr Daniel O'Sullivan Denman Chambers
Mr Bruce Odling State Chambers
Mr Terence Ower 4 Wentworth
Mr Richard Page Barrister
Mr Allen Parker William Deane Chambers
Mr Andrew Parker Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr Michael Perry Barrister
Mr Phillip Perry William Deane Chambers
Mr Zoran Petric Selborne Chambers
Mr Richard Petrie Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr Daniel Petrushnko 9th Floor Windeyer Chambers
Mr Todd Pickering Henry Parkes Chambers
Mr Kevin Pierce Kevin John Pierce, Barrister
Mr Ian Raine Barrister
Mr Quintin Rares Seven Wentworth Chambers
Mr Nicholas Read Denman Chambers