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IRO Alerts

The IRO Alerts (formerly published as WIRO Wires) are newsletters containing updates, relevant news and announcements on policy changes, developments on the workers compensation scheme and other IRO activities.

Wednesday 4 May, 2022

IRO Inquiry - Error in Weekly Payment Discussion Paper is now available.


Thursday 14 April, 2022

The IRO Alert - SIRA PIAWE post-implementation review survey is now available.


Wednesday 9 March, 2022

The Independent Review Office is aware of the substantial impact on a number of law firms resulting from the current floods across much of New South Wales.

We want to ensure we are supporting Approved Lawyers who are impacted by these events.


Thursday 20 January, 2022

The Independent Review Officer, Simon Cohen, has announced a review of the Independent Legal Assistance and Review Service (ILARS) in 2022.


Friday 14 January, 2022

The IRO alert - "Anshun Estoppel is available for use to defend proceedings in the PIC" - is now available.

The Alert can be read here.


Thursday 7 October, 2021

The IRO Alert: IRO Issues Paper re section 59A WCA is now available


Monday 27 September, 2021

The IRO ALERT - IRO Inquiry Report: Delay in determining liability is now available


Thursday 15 July, 2021

Edition 9 of the Personal Injury Commission News, with important information about the Commission-s response to the Sydney lockdown, is now available.


Monday 28 June, 2021

The IRO Alert - IRO Seminar Videos and PDF Presentations is now available.


Monday 17 May, 2021

The IRO ALERT - Use of ILARS Grant Application Forms - is now available.