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Save the date for IRO Sydney Seminar: 15 June 2022

The Independent Review Office (IRO) will again run a Sydney Seminar on 15 June 2022.

Two trends that stand out in statutory personal injury claims in 2022 have been the increase in psychological injury claims and the impact of COVID-19.

The seminar aims to zero in on the practical impacts of these ‘mega-trends’ on personal injury claims. The questions we’ll be asking include:

  • how the personal injury system has responded to COVID-19 to date, what are the emerging issues and what are the learnings
  • how increased mental health issues in the community have been reflected in increased psychological injuries in the personal injury system – and what this means in the short and long term. 

The seminar will bring together a range of perspectives on these issues, and include a substantive law focus on psychological injuries. 

Lunch will be offered, providing an excellent opportunity to catch up colleagues and IRO team members.

Attendance at the seminar complies with Continuing Professional Development requirements, and full details of the program will be released shortly.

IRO Sydney Seminar
10am-3pm, 15 June 2022
Aerial UTS Function Centre, Ultimo