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WIRO Regional Seminar Newcastle | May 2019

The WIRO Regional Seminar was held in Newcastle on 10 May 2019. You can access the presentations delivered by WIRO's experts in the table below.

Topic Speaker Resources
Welcome Kim Garling, WIRO n/a
Recent reforms in a nutshell Roshana May, Director ILARS Slides
Recent workers compensation decisions (WCC, SC, CA) Michael Vella, Manager ILARS Slides
Workers compensation and CTP claims | What you need to know Elizabeth Medland, Senior Project Officer Slides
How Solutions Group can help Jeffrey Gabriel, Director ILARS Slides
Tips and Tricks for young players Fiona Seaton, Principal Lawyer Slides
Questions and Answers | A discussion about what's new,

what works and what doesn't

The WIRO Team led by Kim Garling n/a
Closing Remarks Kim Garling, WIRO n/a