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Payment of Grants

Legal costs will be paid upon conclusion of the work, resolution, or final determination of the claim or dispute the subject of the grant of funding.

This includes but is not limited to matters which have been discontinued in the Commission where there is no intention to refile, or where a claim or investigation is unable to proceed as the injured worker has not reached maximum medical improvement or the potential claim is not viable.

The IRO may in its discretion request a Lawyer to submit a Tax Invoice for work done in certain circumstances (interim invoicing).

Approved Lawyers should refer to the ILARS Funding Guidelines and the ILARS Tax Invoice Guide for information about professional fees, disbursements, payment methods and requirements.

Tax invoices

Tax Invoices comply with the ILARS Tax Invoice Guide and be accompanied by the documentation required by the IRO to support payment of the professional fees and disbursements sought.

Disbursements claimed in a Tax Invoice must be itemised separately and must not include GST.

The Lawyer’s Tax Invoice must be provided as a stand-alone pdf document. Where received in any other format, the Tax Invoice will be returned to the Lawyer to export to pdf.

Where possible, all disbursements claimed must be supported by an invoice or receipt provided or bundled separately to the Tax Invoice.

Payment of interim invoices for legal costs submitted prior to the conclusion of a funded matter will be considered in exceptional circumstances, such as where an Approved Lawyer experiences extreme financial hardship or where there have been significant delays in the resolution of a claim or dispute.

Payment of an approved Tax Invoice will be made by the IRO in accordance with IRO’s terms of business, currently thirty (30) days.

Enquiries about payments will not be addressed until six (6) weeks after the date of an approved Tax Invoice.