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Legal Resources

Approved Lawyers

Grants of funding are available to lawyers who are approved by the Independent Review Officer (Approved Lawyers). 

The IRO assists lawyers for injured non-exempt workers by providing funding for legal costs under the Independent Legal Assistance and Review Service (ILARS). Certain obligations exist for approved lawyers and medical report providers when working with us. This Business Ethics Statement guides partners and suppliers on how to work with us. 

Exempt workers

Exempt workers include police officers, firefighters, paramedics, coal miners and some emergency service workers. These workers are entitled to have their legal costs paid by the insurer in the event of successful resolution of their claim.

Applying for Grants of Funding (ILARS)

Approved Lawyers can apply for a grant of funding from ILARS to enable injured non-exempt workers to access paid independent legal advice and assistance concerning their rights and entitlements to compensation and to pursue resolution of disputes with insurers and employers.

Change of Approved Lawyer details

Where an Approved Lawyer changes their law firm, physical address, email address or phone numbers, they are required to send an email to containing updated contact details.

If any of your details change, and particularly if you change firms, you should let the IRO know as soon as possible, in order to ensure that any grants of funding are appropriately managed and your details can be updated on our database.

The use of data

The IRO utilises data collected in ILARS to assist Lawyers to better understand their practice and efficiency when compared with other approved Lawyers in their region or generally.

The IRO can assist law practices to identify opportunities to improve their efficiency and performance, which may result in a speedier resolution of their clients’ claims.

Contact should be made with the Director ILARS to arrange a Law Practice Performance discussion with data relevant to the Law Practice.